Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hello World.

Since I have my own domain, and I've configured blogger few months ago, it would be nice to start writing. I've been thinking about content last few days, and I've decided that I'll write about games and game art. It's my main hobby, both playing and creating.

I'm going to post about stuff I'm making in my (limited) free time and for A2A Simulations (don't expect any insights though, I'm not allowed to say anything that isn't already known), I'll write about indie games, my impressions about mainstream industry, and of course about various simulation games available for PC today.

My English isn't perfect, I know that. I hope writing in English will be good practice. Layout is not final either, it's just a random style, it will certainly evolve in next months.


  1. First ever Blockhouse C comment is mine! :)
    Good luck with your blogging, Michal. I'll be reading your entries so keep them coming.

  2. Thanks. These are interesting times for both gamers and flight simulators enthusiasts.

  3. Good luck! All the best and wish you lots of satisfaction from the projects :)